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Aquarium garden – beautiful mountain landscaping scene

aquarium gardeners an d beautiful mountains

Beautiful mountain landscaping scene

we  aquarium gardeners bring  you a new way to make an aquarium  it feels  like  your  aquarium is a mini park  .

Today  we will show  you how  to make  beautiful grass mountains  in aquarium by with simple  tricks .

Thinks  you need

1. scraper’s  tank

2. scarpers soil

3.Seiryu Stone Rock Aquarium

4. Hemianthus callitrichoides

5.Hemianthus micranthemoides

6.vesicularia dubyana ‘christmas’

7.Taxiphyllum spiky

8. Bubble foil

all these  things  you will get  it from amazon

note-  when  you  pour water  on aquarium  pour  slowly  on bubble  foil  it wont spoil  your aquarium decoration

You can make any landscape you  like  you just need  creative  mind

check  out  the  video

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